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How to sign in and out of site using the SiteConnect Visitor Kiosk App

Learn how to sign in and out of site using the SiteConnect Visitor Kiosk App

Please watch the following video on how to use the SiteConnect Visitor Kiosk App:

Visitor Kisok App (6:24)

HubSpot Video

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Signing into site

Contractor and visitor sign in

Employee sign in

View & acknowledge site sign in

Sign out code

Signing out of site



Signing into site


To be able to sign in and out of site on the SiteConnect Visitor Kiosk App someone will have had to have downloaded the App preferably on to a Tablet.  Once the App is available you can sign in.




You can sign in either as a Contractor, a Visitor or an Employee by clicking on the relevant tab.



If you click on either the contractor or visitor tab (doesn't apply to the employee tab) you can select who you are visiting by clicking on the icon for that person (if a profile picture has been added the person's picture will display).  If you don't want to select a person to visit you can click on next which will take you through to the sign in page.



A Push notification will be sent to the person you have selected to visit as long as they have their notifications enabled within the App.  Click here for instructions on how to enable notifications 



Contractor and Visitor Sign In


If signing in as a contractor or visitor, you will be required to complete the below form.  All items are compulsory to fill in except the reason for site visit, which is optional.


If you are a visitor there will be no 'company name' field to fill in.



Employee Sign In


If signing in as an employee, enter your username and password.  




View & Acknowledge Site Induction


Regardless of whether you are signing in as a contractor, visitor or employee you will need to acknowledge the hazards on site.  To do this click on the View & Acknowledge Site Induction.



The hazards will be displayed.  Scroll to the bottom and click in the box to confirm I read and accepted the site induction provided above.  Then click on Acknowledge and Close.



A message will then come up You acknowledged the site induction.  Click on Sign In



Sign out code


A message will then display back in the log screen with your sign out code, which will also be sent by text message to you.  Click on OK

Signing out of site


To sign out of site go to the Sign In & Sign Out screen and click on Sign Out



You then have the option to either sign out using the code that was texted to you or if you have forgotten the code you can search for your record to sign out.



If signing out with the code click on ENTER CODE, enter the number and click on Sign Out.



To sign out using the SEARCH FIELD click on Search


You can then enter either their full name or their username in the first box followed by either their mobile or email, then click on Search.  If both fields match the person will be displayed in the search result.  You can then click on Sign out or Clear Results and start again.


Both fields (full name/username and mobile/email) need to be filled in for the search button to work



If you need any further help or have any questions please contact the support team by email: siteconnectsupport@lucidity.io or Ph: 0800 748 763