Incomplete Task Summary Notifications

Users will now receive an automatic weekly summary email detailing the incomplete tasks that they currently have within their SiteConnect account

Previously, there have been no reminder emails sent to Users for them to complete outstanding tasks assigned to them within SiteConnect.

Now if a user has one or multiple incomplete or outstanding tasks that they have been assigned within SiteConnect, an email will be automatically sent to them every week detailing all of these outstanding tasks.


This notification will include the Task itself, the Priority of the task, the Due Date and the Project/Site it relates to (if this has been allocated)

Tasks example


The user can log into the SiteConnect app, go to their Home page and compete all of their outstanding Tasks directly from there by clicking on them.


The Tasks dropdown in the App Home page will also include any outstanding TA/JSA/SWMS, Forms and Account Inductions that are still required to be completed.


Task in app


To complete a task, click on the task, which will display the details for the task.  You can also view or make notes & add files using the Notes & Files tabs at the top of the page.  Once the Task is complete click on the Complete button at the top.  A notification will be sent to whoever assigned the task to you and the task will be marked off as complete. 


Compelte task

For more information on completing Tasks via the Mobile App, please read here


If you need any further help or have any questions please contact the support team by email or Ph: 0800 748 763