How to verify reported Hazards (Administrator)

Here you will learn how to verify a hazard that has been reported on Site by an employee

When an employee reports a Hazard on a Site, as an account administrator (or Site Manager) you will receive an email notification stating that the hazard has been reported and what Site it belongs to.


To verify this Hazard log into the web portal, then go to Projects on the left hand side



Projects side menu-1

Then click Edit on the Project/Site that the hazard was reported for.


Edit projects

Then click Hazards & Risks on the right hand side of the Site Overview screen


Hazards project edit menu


Once in the Hazards list for this Site you should see the Hazard that the employee has reported. This will be Unverified as seen here.


unverified hazard

Click Edit on this Unverified hazard


Edit unver hazard


This will take you to the Hazard/Risk editor and you will see the Status field in this screen. Click on this option to change this from Unverified to Verified


Verified status


Then just Save the Hazard to finalise this change.


Verifeid saving


This should then show in your Hazard list for this Site as Verified.


If you need any further help or have any questions please contact the support team by email or Ph: 0800 748 763