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How to manually sign out of a Site

Here you will learn how to manually sign out of a Site whenever you need to using the SiteConnect mobile app


To sign out of a Site using GPS, you need to make sure that your GPS app permissions are set to 'Always' or 'All The Time' so that the app can auto sign you out once you leave Site

For more information on these GPS settings, please see this article here.


To sign out of a Site using QR codes, you just need to scan the same QR code again upon leaving site and this will sign you out of that Site.


Please watch the following video on the two methods covered below for manually signing out of  Site if you need to at any point.


Please note that this video was recorded before our latest app update so some visual aspects may differ


Manual Sign Out (2.08)

HubSpot Video

Please also scroll down the article below for further information:


Manual Sign Out


If you have forgotten to scan out again or have not been signed out via GPS, then you can go to your onsite screen and sign out by clicking the orange Sign Out of Project/Site button.


If your device screen is smaller than usual you may not see this button initially. To access the button, swipe down with your finger above the blue box and this should appear for you as well as the Emergency Evacuation Plan button


Sign out of project button


You can also manually sign out by clicking the Gear on the upper left hand side of your Home page, then clicking Sign Out of Sites. Then just click the specific Site in this menu to sign out manually.


Signing out of all sites


Please note: When you use the SiteConnect mobile app to sign into a site by scanning a QR code, you will be signed out of all other sites. Only GPS sign-ins will sign you into multiple sites, especially if they have overlapping geofences.


If you need any further help or have any questions please contact the support team by email siteconnectsupport@lucidity.io or Ph: 0800 748 763