Notifications and how to disable/enable them

Here you will learn how to enable/disable notifications for 'site entry', 'still on site after hours' and completion of 'Account Inductions'




Site Entry Notifications


To enable or disable 'site entry' notifications,  click on the Settings icon in the black bar at the top of the page 


A drop down menu will appear.  Click on Covid-19 Setup


Covid set up top menu


Through this menu you can enable/disable 'notify site managers as users arrive onsite'. 


Toggle 'on' or 'off ' - 'notify site managers as users arrive onsite' and then click on Save.


Notify site managers

Site entry notifications will go to Site Manager(s).  If there are no Site Manager(s) set up they will go to the Account Administrators 


After Hours Notifications


To enable/disable After Hours notifications, go to the Site that you want to enable/disable the notification for, then click on Edit


Edit Notification


Go to the 'enable after hours notifications for this site' field, which you will find underneath the 'Opening and Closing times', and toggle this option 'on' or 'off' and then click on Save.


Enable notifications


After Hours notifications will go to Site Manager(s).  If there are no Site Manager(s) set up they will go to the Account Administrators and any related Contractor Administrators.

Users who are still signed into site will receive a ‘push notification’ and an ‘email’ advising them to sign out of site.



Account Induction Completion Notifications


To enable/disable notifications when a user completes an Account Induction go to the gear icon in the upper right hand corner of the web portal, then select Configuration.




Toggle the Induction notifications option 'on' or 'off', which you will find underneath where you select the auto sign out times and click on Save.


Induction notifications


Account Induction notifications will go to all Account Administrators




Audit & Incident Notifications


The Inspection/Audit & Incident features have notifications which currently cannot be disabled.


Email notifications received whenever an incident or audit is logged for a Site will firstly go to any associated site managers. 


If no Site Managers are appointed, then all account admins will receive the email notifications.


If you do not want to receive these notifications as an admin then the best way to disable these for yourself is to appoint another Site Manager to your Sites so that they receive these emails.


If you DO want to receive these and you already have appointed Site Managers, then you can make yourself a secondary Site Manager for that Site so that you receive them as well



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